July, 2016

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Hi everyone!



It is so great to be here!

I will be your other blog facilitator here on PAEAblog.  My name is Christina Uliano, though you may see my name sometimes as Christina Franko Uliano (I got married and changed my name, but still remain Franko at school).  I teach art at a K-8 school in the School District of Philadelphia in South Philly.  My school is a wonderful mix of many different cultures and races, so I always get to design lessons that celebrate everyone’s heritage.  I also love to focus on recycling and sustainability with all my students, so you can always find us cutting up some newspaper and egg cartons to design a chic dress for the runway, or creating new uses for toilet paper rolls.



When I’m not in the classroom, you can find me trying to brush up on my Spanish, French, and Arabic languages.  I also love to garden, travel, tend to my beehive, and cook.



You can see more of my classroom on Facebook and Instagram.  I’m currently working on a blog too, so I’ll keep you all updated when that goes live.

Thanks for tuning in, and I can’t wait to meet you all!  I love to connect with other art teachers to gain inspiration.  Keep up all the great art education in Pennsylvania!


glad to meet you!

Hello art teachers!

I’ll be assisting with the PAEA blog and social media, and also thought I’d take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Sue Liedke, and I teach art in Philly.

You can usually find me making art with very little kids, at an arts-based Headstart pre-Kindergarten in Queen Village. I love introducing them to art history, and connecting what they’ve learned to their hands-on artmaking lessons. Some of my favorite experiences lately have been bringing local artists into the studio to meet the kids and collaborate!

still life painting

I also dip into museum education, and teach Family Arts Academy and Summer Art Camp at PAFA. It’s so awesome to make art with kids in the oldest art museum in the country!

Aside from teaching art, I’m very into traveling (and try to see lots of art in different cities and countries!), brainstorming Halloween costumes, and watching movies outside.

Feel free to check out some of the projects I do at my blog, PUPPYJAWNS, or connect with me on Instagram under the same name. I love sharing ideas with other art teachers, and find tons of inspiration from my social media pals! Looking forward to growing our professional community through this blog!

Sue Liedke

Please allow me to introduce myself…

Hi there everyone! My name is Leslie Marie Grace and I will be one of three facilitators for this blog. If you scroll down to the second post, you will see my goofy face being all goofy like on the day this blog was conceived- what a happy blog mother I am! 🙂

I am truly looking forward to connecting with other PAEA members through the blog, and keeping everyone more informed and in tune with the PAEA happenings. I will be bringing y’all the first our formal posts in which we will be giving sneak peaks into a few of the conference presentations.

But first! A little about yours truly…

I have been teaching since 2004 and am currently at Nebinger Elementary, a K-8 school in the School District of Philadelphia. I received my undergrad education from Georgia State University and taught high school for two years at North Springs High School, which at the time was a Magnet Arts and Science school. After two years, my journey brought me up north. My first year in Philadelphia, I ended up teaching at two elementary schools in Delaware. The drive from South Philly to Newark and Wilmington, left very little to be desired so I sought employment elsewhere. I spent the following six years teaching middle school art at Friends’ Central Private School. While teaching I received my Masters degree from Saint Joseph’s University. Feeling the urge for more growth and challenge (and, like, I really needed a GOOD challenge) I became employed by the SDP. I am going on my 4th year teaching in the district, and boy, have I learned A LOT in 4 years. In addition to teaching, I run a little group of teachers called the Philadelphia Art Teachers Alliance.

I don’t even really know if that is stuff y’all want to read about me, but I felt the urge to provide my credentials.

Tell ya what… I will stop jabbering on and just provide a few links for you to peruse. Click away:

My art teacherin’ blog

My teacher Facebook

My Linked in

My classroom instagram

My teacher Twitter

My Artsonia

My DonorsChoose

Philadelphia Art Teacher Alliance

Did I forget anything?? Pinterest maybe… not really up on my Pinterest game… oh well.

Hey- y’all take care. I look forward to hanging out here.




Meet your new blog facilitators!

Leslie Grace

Susan Liedke

Christina Franko Uliano

We will formally introduce ourselves in the next few weeks. 🙂 We are looking forward to keeping y’all connected with the pulse of PAEA.