October, 2016

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Post Conference Blues?

Whew. What a weekend. I clapped for friends getting awards and recognitions, I connected with old teacher friends (and accidentally wore the exact same outfits as some of them), met some new ones, presented and painted with other teachers, won a raffle(!), and learned so much from fellow art educators.

If you attended the conference, I feel pretty confident in assuming you walked away with some new lesson plan ideas, new tools (both physical and philosophical) and hopefully, a renewed enthusiasm for your career.

So what now? Don’t want to lose that refreshed teacher glow? Here’s my plan.


The presenters and speakers have posted their slides (and research, and directions, etc) on a shared Google drive. It’s searchable and shareable! Check it out here.



PAEA’s Facebook group is poppin’ lately, and is a great resource for lesson plans, supplies, and professional development opportunities (and obviously keep your eye on this blog).

There’s also a number of sub-groups that you should think about joining if they apply to you:

PAEA Elementary Art (for those of us who hang with little kids.)

PAEA Special Needs in Art Ed (lots of ideas for those working in Special Ed or with a desire to serve your special needs students better!)

PAEA Higher Education (pretty self explanatory)

and theres more for students, non-public teachers, and various regions have their own FB pages too. Check out yours to connect to your fellow art teachers!

Philadelphia area art teachers, best be sure your a part of PATA (Philadelphia Art Teachers Alliance), run by our girl Leslie Grace. The Facebook group is where it’s at (loads of good events and resources, in addition to monthly meet ups.



Find PAArtEd on Instagram. We’re trying to highlight lots of fun art teacher stuff, highlighting our teacher members work, great lessons, and cool resources. You can tag us (@PAArtEd) to share and maybe get featured! It’s a great way to quickly connect when you’ve got a few minutes between classes (if you’re so lucky), or while you’re waiting for your lunch to microwave.

Anyone else have any post-conference motivational strategies?

It’s almost here!


It’s finally here folks – “Make it Happen” is happening in a few short days!  A couple highlights to get you started on your weekend of pure art education bliss.

  • Click HERE for a draft of the conference schedule.  Start planning your days to get the most out of your time!
  • Miss the deadline for online registration?  Registration opens in the Moore lobby on Thursday from 4:00 – 8:00 PM.
  • Coming to town early on Thursday?  If you’re all settled in your hotel and have a late dinner reservation, pop into Fox Commons beforehand for a “Makey Make Mini Event” from 6:00 – 8:00 PM with award-winning Philadelphia educator Christopher Sweeney, this year’s recipient of PAEA’s Outstanding Secondary Educator of 2016.  I hear there’s a free beer or wine ticket that comes with this free event too.  Score!


  • You MUST check out this map designed by Sunny Mowery highlighting all of the galleries, museums, and other fantastic places to visit in Philadelphia during First Friday, some of which are holding some special events (highlighted in yellow).  Because you only have a few short hours to really explore First Friday, and a whole city to take in, I really suggest studying this map and doing your research!  There are many of your fellow art educators who live and work in Philly (myself included) who would love to guide you if you are looking for suggestions and food recommendations as well!



  • Available on the conference website are some parking tips so that you can park your car and forget about it for the weekend.  Use these tips to find an inexpensive parking garage or lot.  Once you’re parked, Philadelphia has simple public transportation through Septa, as well as inexpensive and convenient ride-sharing options through Uber and Lyft, AND taxis that circulate throughout the city.  They are relatively easy to hail down, too 🙂

That’s all for now, so start researching, highlighting, and planning your fabulous weekend at “Make it Happen”!  It’s going to be an extraordinary time!