November, 2016

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PAEA YAM flag design

Hey there everyone! Did you know that flag designs for youth art month are due December 2nd (postmarked)?? Do you know about the flag designs?? If not, please allow me to share some information. 

First off, I will direct you to the PAEA webpage that not only has info on the flag design but also YAM in general. (It’s in March BTW.)

On the webpage you will find a lesson plan for the flag design, a template,  the label, and a planning packet. That should make your life easier, right?! (PS. Click the hyperlinked words to go straight to the document.)

This information is taken directly from the flag design contest information flyer:

“This year there is a nationwide event planned for Youth Art Month – School Flags across the U.S. Flying High. Schools throughout the United States will hold flag design competitions. Each state will select a design which will be made into a 3’ x 5’ flag and flown at the National Art Education Association Convention. Winning designs will be honored at the Youth Art Month Reception in Harrisburg in March and winners will receive prizes! Every art teacher is encouraged to involve your students, from Kindergarten through Grade 12, in designing a YAM flag. You may approach it with your students in any creative way you would like. Please send designs to Suzanne Pagel, Youth Art Month Co-Chair for Pennsylvania. Read all directions and specifications carefully!”

Resources for Art Teachers: PITC Grant

My pre-K studio at school is my second home, and I’m sure a lot of teachers feel that way about their art room. About a year ago, I discovered, applied for (and was awarded!) an easy grant that helps teachers get classroom pets for free! It’s seriously the easiest grant application you’ll ever lay eyes on. Find it at

At my school we ended up with a cute little betta named Chaseaway, who we love to draw and talk to. Below read about Philly art teacher Johanna Marshall’s experience with PITC:


(above, Johanna’s sweet little bundle of joy “Cupcake” chills in his cage)

From Johanna:

Pets in the Classroom gave our tough little corner of Philadelphia an opportunity to have a sweet, funny, goofy pet to love. We got a baby crested gecko, and if you’ve never seen one, imagine a thumb-sized dinosaur that licks its eyeballs and likes to nap upside down. Students got ready by learning about how to take care of a gecko, and then designing a habitat that would meet all its needs.

A few of my challenging older students helped me set up the tank and introduce the gecko to it, and they’ve been transformed by responsibility by the task, checking in on it each day and making sure other students follow the rules of pet care. We held a schoolwide vote on its name, talking about the democratic process, and decided on . . . Cupcake!


Cupcake has been the subject of many loving sketches, and when it shed its skin we tried it out by peeling glue off our hands. As soon as it’s more comfortable being handled, we’ll bring it out to draw, paint, and sculpt. In the meantime Cupcake reminds us to stay calm in the art room, and will reward us by coming out to climb around its tank and check us out, and sometimes come around the room to visit everyone.