October, 2017

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Art Practices in Multifarious Spaces

Okay y’all. Last sneak peek blog post before the conference. See y’all there!!!!!

Art Practices in Multifarious Spaces will offer panel members who have varied experiences as educators in art education outside of public schooling. They will share their work in interdisciplinary connections, community arts, museum/gallery settings, outreach and partnerships, after school programs, camps, artist residencies, teacher professional development, continuing education, and more!

After school program at The Mattress Factory (children interacting with Alex Wexler work of art)

The Frick

Shannon Phy, Director of Education at The Mattress Factory
Laura Ainsley, Manager of Adult Learning, The Frick Pittsburgh
Cheryl Capezzuti, PAEA 2017 Outstanding Middle Level Art Teacher, Falk Laboratory School
Dave Deily, Vice President, Manchester Craftsman Guild
Saturday October 21st, 3:00-3:50 in the Elwood I Room

STEAM + Inquiry = Accessibility for All

Join Angela Capuzzi to learn about methods for making STEAM and inquiry based learning accessible to all! How fantastic is that? See ya there! 🙂

“Teaching STEAM concepts is easy when you allow students to approach the learning from a variety of resources. Through inquiry, students have the freedom of choice in learning activities based on their interest and skill levels. These strategies make teaching about circuits, optics, coding, and so much more accessible to learners of all strengths. I have found that my students with IEPs, 504s, and BIPs / SIPs excel within this structure. Yes, I said structure. With all that freedom comes some support from you. Want to learn ways you can incorporate STEAM + Inquiry into your class, club, or group? Join me for some interactive learning of your own!” -Angela Capuzzi


Sunday, October 22, 2017 9:00 – 9:50am, Brighton III

Act 48 Hours Offered


Conference Program

Environmental Art and Activist Artists

Would you like to learn about environmental artists working in a variety of media including: cartoons, photography, design, illustration and installation?? Well then, join Marie Huard in her session and leave with easy–to–implement lesson ideas that will make your students think.

https://i.pinimg.com/474x/ed/4d/5a/ed4d5a8219e885f818788a64d90ea84e--installation-art-art-installations.jpghttps://i.ytimg.com/vi/AQAg4NUvQ-U/maxresdefault.jpgImage result for contemporary environmental art

How do contemporary artists address environmental concerns in their work? Explore the work of graphic artists and photographers who make us think about waste in new ways, botanical illustrators who show us endangered plants that we might not otherwise see, designers who aim to make alternative energy beautiful, and sculptors who work natural materials and alternately, with plastics gleaned from our waterways. In designing a unit on environmental art for my third and fourth grades, I asked two questions: How can my students make work that helps them connect with these ideas? How can I make it accessible for the classroom? I will share resources about these artists, student work, and some of the thinking that informed my teaching. You will leave with easy-to-implement lesson ideas that will make your students think.

Friday 1:00-1:50pm, Brighton I

Act 48 hours offered

Conference Program

Incentivizing Our Young Artists

Need to tidy up that classroom management of yours? I am sure it’s on all of our bucket list! Come hear from a couple of amazing pros about incentives and accountability in the Art Room!!

Veteran Art Educators Samantha Davis and Lauren Stichter will share personal and professional narratives from the field paired with tips and tools for how art educators can modify their teaching style to create and include positive behavior supports for diverse learning needs in the art room. Samantha and Lauren emphasis proactive systems as well as strategies for creating accountability systems to be adapted for Elementary, Middle and Secondary age groups.

…also… this is my sad excuse for photoshop skills… you’re welcome. lol!

Sunday 11am-11:50am, Brighton III

Act 48 offered


Conference Program

Revisiting Project Innovate—Provoking Excellence through Design

Do y’all like making stuff?? …and designing stuff?? Yeah, I thought so! And what better way to do that, then collaboratively with some awesome art teacherin’ folks!

Join the fabulous Amy Migliore, Marcy Bogdanich, Kris Fontes, Christina Martin, and The Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse for this collaborative session on design thinking and learning by design!!

Project Innovate facilitates young artists, from elementary to post–secondary, to build 21st Century competencies by using the design process to construct, perform and document their process of making fashion from found objects. Participants will collaborate in an up–cycled fashion workshop — where they will construct wearable art from recycled materials.

This is a ticketed workshop.


Friday October 20 from 1-2:50, Woodlawn room

Act 48 hours available

Conference Program

1…2…3… Advocacy & Me!

You already advocate for your art program. Do you want to do more? This lecture will help you
take your level of involvement from a one to a three!

Angela Capuzzi:

“If you are a new educator, this presentation will help you start advocating for your program. If you have been teaching for a while, this presentation will remind you of all the awesome things you already do and give you ideas for furthering your efforts. If you’re ready to really push hard for your program or you’re not sure what else you can do, this presentation will help get you there. I understand some teachers are hesitant – I was, too. But, then I realized I was already doing things to advocate. When I was ready, I stepped it up a notch. When my program was being attacked, I really pushed hard. I’ll tell you my story and provide you with lots of encouragement on your journey.”

Friday, October 10, 2017 1:00 – 1:50 pm, Brighton IV

Act 48 offered


First Five’s Top Five- What Every New Teacher Should Know

So maybe you are about to go into your first year of teaching… Or maybe you are already in it, whether 1 year in or more. Those first 5 years of your teaching experience can make or break you as an educator. Of course, we’d all rather see you make it! So here to help you with stories, strategies, and techniques from her first years of art teacherin’, is the amazing Margo Wunder!!

“Hey new teachers, struggling teachers, and wondering teachers- want to know what the first five years of teaching is really like? Well, I’ll tell you! Learn what to expect, how to do it, and how to get through it!”

Saturday, October 21st 2-2:50pm, Brighton I

Act 48 offered

Conference Program

Effective Use of Sketchbooks to Journal Student Choice

Join Paul Nagle, Robb Bomboy, and Angie Rubinic to learn about Broadening the sketchbook for all users as repositories of academic and students’ creative life in lessons/assessments from an I.B. (International Baccalaureate) classroom, a studio approach to sketchbooks and journaling.

IB sketchbook example… taken from http://sites.saschina.org/mmoore/files/2012/08/IMG_1543-copy2.jpg


Friday, October 20, 2:00 – 2:50 PM, in Brighton II

Act 48 hours offered!

Conference Program

PAEA 2017 Conference insights: Your brain on art

This is your brain:

This is your brain on art:

Zombie Artists: How Teaching about Brains Makes Better Artists

Saturday October 21, 1-1:50pm in

Marie Elcin and Cindy Hodgson

This session addresses the challenges faced by the middle school crisis of pseudo-naturalism as they realize that what they draw doesn’t match what they see. We propose that by learning about how their eyes and brains work, and about how their brains are changing during this period of early adolescence, students become more willing to take creative risks. We’ll share info about brain structures and networking and offer hands-on activities you can take back to the middle school art room.

Conference Program