2017 Award Honorees

Pennsylvania Outstanding Art Educator Of The Year – Leslie Gates, Ph.D.

      Dr. Leslie Gates is an Associate Professor of Art Education at Millersville University of Pennsylvania and serves as a consultant for professional learning and art education research. Leslie creates artist books, book sculptures, and text–based two–dimensional work. Leslie and her family reside in Lancaster, PA, where she regularly advocates for public education in partnership with Lancaster Stands Up and Lancaster County Opt Out, which she cofounded in 2014.
      At Millersville, Leslie coordinates the undergraduate and graduate programs in art education and finds deep joy in mentoring and supporting students as they enact their new visions for art education. In 2017, a student nominated Leslie as Millersville University’s Educator of the Year.
      Leslie’s commitment to creating collaborative communities and providing opportunities for art educators’ professional learning is steadfast. As a result of her commitment and work, Millersville University has partnered with PAEA’s Region 7 to offer an annual workshop for local educators on topics such as Teacher Effectiveness and SLOs (2013), The National Core Arts Standards (2014), Rethinking Art Education Curricula (2015), and Teachers as Artists (2016). Also focused on expanding visions of the field specifically for her students, Leslie has brought in more than 30 guest speakers to her courses since she began her position at Millersville in 2012.
      Leslie’s commitment extends to educators state–wide; she joined the PAEA Board of Directors in 2009 and has been involved in planning PAEA Conferences since 2010. She currently serves in an official capacity as PAEA’s Conference Consultant. In 2015, Leslie initiated the Legacy Breakfast series, which annually honors one art educator whose career has had significant impact on art education in the state of Pennsylvania. Leslie was previously honored by PAEA as the Elementary Art Educator of the Year in 2007.
      Leslie is actively involved at the national level, having presented at the National Art Education Association conference in 2007, 2010, 2012, 2015, and 2017. She was selected, with Mary Elizabeth Meier, to present at the Arts Assessment Symposium in Dallas, TX in 2016. She served on the editorial review board for the National Art Education Association’s Art Education Journal from 2014–2017. She was also an active member of the Professional Learning through Research subgroup of NAEA’s Research Commission from 2014–2015.

PAEA 2017 Outstanding New Professional Art Educator – Griffin Currie

            Griffin Currie grew up immersed in the arts within a family that encouraged her to dream big. While attending high school in Erie, she took every art class she could find. After high school, Ms. Currie attended Alfred University where she received a BFA, then pursued a post–baccalaureate certification in Art Education at Mercyhurst University. Her passionate belief that art enriches the human experience strongly impacted her personal relationship with students. A strong studio background coupled with new classroom management strategies allowed her to envision the reorganization of physical spaces in the drawing room, task charts, and various other classroom routines and experiences.
Ms. Currie worked at both the local Multicultural Center and the YMCA Day Care, to gain diverse age and cultural experiences during her certification year at Mercyhurst. At Fairview High School she ran a tutoring program during and after school where she paired students and tutors with specific academic needs. She also established and facilitated an after school club, The Art of Giving, that combined art and community service. She led a workshop on visual journaling and helped establish a new STEM based exploratory classroom at the high school. Ms. Currie has also volunteered with the Second Sundays family art program at the Erie Art Museum, partnering with the Old Songs New Opportunities Project. She developed interactive learning centers for intergenerational and multicultural communities that include story telling and impromptu music making opportunities. She explored how cooking and sharing of food as acts of generosity and hospitality are part of building community in socially engaged artistic practice. Her leadership in this collaborative project with the Erie Art Museum and the Mercyhurst Art Education program was highly valued by her colleagues. Ms. Currie’s love of art, her incredible talent, and her strong work ethic is evident in all aspects of her life.

PAEA 2017 Outstanding Early Career Art Educator – Sarah Ceurvorst

       Sarah Ceurvorst is an extraordinary young professional with a double major in Art and Psychology, and a global education that has inspired her interest in social justice. She studied abroad in Prague and Thailand, where she later returned to teach English for one year as a Fulbright Scholar. Her strong sense of social justice is evident in the programs she developed for several Pittsburgh art communities and include ENOUGH Violence: Artists Speak Out and Mindful: Exploring Mental Health Through Art. Ms. Ceurvorst also volunteers weekly for the Son–Rise Program where she uses play therapy to help a young girl with autism build social and developmental skills.
      In less than two years she has developed an excellent art program at the Ellis School for girls that is influenced by her travels and has a focus on modern and contemporary artists. The skill with which she has shaped the program is incredible, allowing young students to consider the work of artists who are currently having an influence on the shape of our visual culture. Her incorporation of themes of equity is clear in the Lower School program, but she has also reached into other divisions in the school. Her collaboration with the team of teachers in Voice+Vision, the ninth–grade offering in the Integrated Studies program, gave students a view of how art can provide powerful communication of the human condition.
      Whether abroad or at home, Sarah encourages her students to use art as a tool for communicating across borders. She believes that art can be a catalyst for community building and that everyone has the potential to make a positive impact on the world. She is a natural born educator, wise beyond her years.

PAEA 2017 Outstanding Elementary Art Educator – Beth Lynch

      Beth Lynch serves her district as an elementary art educator and the Visual Arts Curriculum Coordinator. Her passion for the visual arts expands deeply into the community as evidenced through a bi–annual charity event, The Scooper Bowl. Students in every grade created clay bowls for this ice cream event and the money raised was donated to charity. Tickets for the event sold out in weeks and the event was deeply embraced by the Council Rock community. In addition to organizing and facilitating a huge annual district wide art show, Ms. Lynch coordinates a rotating art display that hangs in the Bucks County District Courthouse throughout the school year. She runs an early morning art club with 6th graders, and designs, creates and installs an annual tile mosaic mural with graduating 6th grade students. She has written and received several grants, which have provided great opportunities for her students, including iPads and green screen technology for the classroom.
            As the Visual Arts Curriculum Coordinator, Ms. Lynch tirelessly works as a mentor and coach with the teachers in her department. Recently she led her department through a rigorous process of curriculum writing in which the staff adopted and embraced the National Core Arts Standards. Their collaborative work now ensures that all students receive the same quality program throughout the district. She has been a leader in designing and facilitating Professional Learning Communities. She continually exemplifies instructional expertise in her own classroom. Ms. Lynch supports our local school initiatives and invests herself finding ways the initiatives will benefit art education. She demonstrates outstanding leadership devoted toward the improvement of art education.

PAEA 2017 Outstanding Middle Level Art Educator – Cheryl Capezzuti

            Artist–educator Cheryl Capezzuti strongly supports art in the community. She believes students should act as artists and her classroom is a lively studio, where ideas can be explored, and investigated, using a wide array of materials. Her students approach their work as inquisitive young artists and she often connects them to the public art scene in Pittsburgh. She holds family workshops at school and in her studio where families and students make giant puppets for Pittsburgh’s First Night parade and her middle school students become puppeteers during the celebration. Ms Capezzuti and a student teacher involved her middle school students in the Pittsburgh Knit the Bridge project, holding their own yarn–bombing event. The lesson on yarn bombing became a cover story for School Arts October 2014 magazine. When the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust brought the musical War Horse to Pittsburgh, they selected Ms Capezzuti and her students to participate in a workshop offered by the actors/puppeteers. The students read the book, learned the music, and in art class, they collaborated in designing giant 3–D cardboard horses to wear for the workshop. It was an experience the students will never forget. Currently, Ms Capezzuti’s sixth grade students are partnering with students from the Western PA School for Blind Children designing a multisensory project that will engage blind students by using interactive toys, multisensory books, and adaptive games.
            Ms Capezzuti has been a featured guest speaker and presented at NAEA, PAEA, the International Association for Laboratory Schools, and Puppeteers of America. Last year she give a puppetry workshop to Penn State pre–service teachers, and was a featured speaker at the Kutztown Art Education Conference. Ms Capezzuti has been the recipient of numerous grants and has been interviewed and featured on several television shows including The Ellen Degenerous Show, Good Morning America, KDKA’s Pittsburgh Live Today and Daniel Tigers Neighborhood. Ms Capezzuti truly is the embodiment of a successful community–artist and artist–educator.

PAEA 2017 Outstanding Secondary Art Educator – Candy Maggioncalda

      Candy Maggioncalda has expanded the art program in her school to include design in real world experiences. As a professional photographer, she gives her students the opportunity to photograph and display their work in local businesses through a grant for the PWHS Traveling Art Show. The program coordinates opportunities for alumni artists to share their real world experiences with her students Additionally, Candy developed and implemented the Visual Art Design Center that gives students leadership roles by applying to become Design Coaches and assist other students with presentations and projects for interdisciplinary class presentations.
      Ms. Maggioncalda is an integral part of the Entrepreneurship, Design and Innovation (EDI) program where she serves as the facilitator for EDI Professional Learning Time. She was the lead for art curriculum development, and collaboratively proposed a Shark Tank class called. Aspiring Entrepreneurs. The class is team taught by a business, tech ed and computer teacher. It allows students to sample these components of new product design for 15 days after which they form teams, design a new product, logo, web site, write a business plan, then create a product sample using a 3–D printer. Teams present their products to school community entrepreneurs.
            Ms. Maggioncalda has mentored/coached student teachers and interns from several colleges. She developed the AP 2D Studio and Photography Major Program and established an active chapter of the NAHS.  Through her encouragement, members participate in local high school art shows, contests and a number of events for nonprofit organizations.

PAEA 2017 Outstanding Non–Public School Art Educator Lisa Marie Ferry

     Before Lisa Marie Ferry joined the faculty of MMI Preparatory School, the program consisted of colored pencil drawing and occasional water color lessons. Ms Ferry, in very short order, built a comprehensive visual arts program, filling her supply closets with a multitude of materials to foster art exploration and student choice. In addition to art production, students learned about art history, art criticism and she developed a rapport with students that fostered questioning and mutual respect. She is always finding ways to highlight her students work through displays, and the local public radio/television network where individual students are publicly recognized as artist of the week. Ms Ferry is also committed to a host of extra–curricular activities that include: coaching volleyball, basketball and the dance club; advising the NAHS, SAGE Club, FBLA, and MS Student Government; and she also directs the annual spring musical.
      Ms Ferry is truly a life–long learner, and took advantage of several district sponsored professional development opportunities. She recently completed her masters degree at Moore College of Art & Design with an emphasis on Special Populations. Her thesis dealt with helping students use art to alleviate anxiety.
            Ms Ferry has been an avid and award winning photographer for more than 30 years, with solo and group exhibitions throughout the state. She received a full stipend to travel to Mexico for a photo ethnography assignment. She is also a member of several professional organizations dedicated to photography, special needs and local and national art organizations. She currently serves on the PAEA board as the Region 9 Representative and is a frequent PAEA workshop presenter. She is a team member for Special Education at the Barnes Foundation, the Lambda Alpha Anthropology society and a College Board reader for AP Studio Art.

PAEA 2017 Outstanding Higher Ed Art Educator – Amy Pfeiler–Wunder, Ph.D.

      Professor of Art Education Dr. Amy Pfeiler–Wunder is an active art advocate throughout the country. Prior to coming to PA, she was an active member of the Iowa Art Education Association, where she served as secretary, member of the Mentoring Committee, and Co–Chair of a IAEA annual conference. She was a 2009 Western Region Leadership participant, 2006 IAEA Outstanding Elementary Art Educator, and the 2007 NAEA Western Region Outstanding Art Educator of the Year.
Upon her arrival at Kutztown University, she immediately joined PAEA and has made presentations at conferences every year. In 2013, she was a member of the PAEA conference planning committee. She also chaired, co–chaired and presented at the annual Kutztown Art Education Conference and organized exhibitions of artworks from local schools. Her commitment to the professional growth and development of art educators in the region reveals itself in the many local and regional professional development sessions she has held in PA and other states.
Dr. Pfeiler–Wunder is the Coordinator of Graduate Art Education Programs at Kutztown University. She also helped write courses for the new doctoral program in the College of Education, for which she is on the faculty. As a graduate student advisor, she is an essential partner in students’ development and growth. She was recently elected Chair of the Commission on Human Diversity—a highly significant organization at Kutztown University. This ties closely with her life–long passion for social justice issues.
Dr. Pfeiler–Wunder is an actively involved scholar in our field and presents extensively at NAEA, regional, and international conferences. She served on the Editorial Board of NAEA’s Art Education Journal, currently serves on the NAEA Research Commission and is the Higher Education Director-Elect for the NAEA Board. Her vita lists many publications in peer–reviewed journals and presentations, too numerous to include here. Her interests range from the importance and methodologies of research in art education, art teacher identity, class, gender, race and other issues of social justice. Her work has led to many invitations to speak, including the keynote address at the University of Texas.

PAEA 2017 Outstanding Emeritus Art Educator – Marcy L. Bogdanich

      Marcy Bogdanich has long been a supporter of visual arts education and our professional organization.. She served as the PAEA Region 5 Representative from 2011–2015 and was on the conference planning committee in 1998 and 2010. Additionally, she is part of the Learning By Design issues group and has participated in numerous conference presentations, including one at NAEA. In 2012, Ms Bogdanich was recognized by PAEA as the Outstanding Elementary Art Educator of the year. As a life–long learner, she started attending the PA. Governors Institute for the Arts sponsored by PDE in 1995 and in 2008 became Nationally Board Certified.
      After retiring from teaching, Ms Bogdanich decided it was time to give up her PAEA board position. Not wanting to lose a productive member, the board offered her the position of PAEA Awards Chair, a program that was greatly in need of revitalization. Under her tutelage, the program now directly reflects the NAEA awards program. She has organized the nomination process so that our website, conference program and email clearly explain the required documents to be considered for an award, and when these materials are due. The rubric for evaluation of some awards is also now available on our website. She has been consistent and persistent in chasing down missing information and enforcing deadlines. She has worked hard to promote information on awards with our membership in an effort to find outstanding candidates in each category and she has organized dignified awards presentations, often within limitations.
            Ms Bogdanich is very active in the community of Mars. She helped the borough celebrate the Mars New Year, hosting an otherworldly celebration. She is active in the Cranberry Artists Network, currently serving as the Events Chair and Treasurer and she is also a board member at the Mars Area Public Library where she has initiated several new art exhibits and fund raising events. Ms Bogdanich is dedicated to her belief that the arts are essential to life and we are life–long art educators.

PAEA 2017 Outstanding Museum Art Educator – Kelly Armor

      Kelly Armor is a truly outstanding visionary educator. As Director of Education and Folk Art at the Erie Art Museum, she is making a radical and profound difference in our community, our state, and our nation. Her personal–professional persona transcends her job titles because of the way she inspires those around her to work for equality, value diversity, and engage art for life. She is an effective agent in arenas that bring people together through the arts. Her work is gaining national attention, and grant funding as she remains hard at work in our local community. Recently she was one of the strongest and favorite presenters at TEDx Erie.
      The Erie Art Museum offers a wide range of community and educational programs and anchors downtown Erie’s cultural and economic revitalization. Ms. Armor has been an integral part of their growth. She founded the award winning program, Kids as Curators, where teachers and teaching artists facilitate middle school students in the creation of exhibits drawn from the students’ personal collections that are professionally installed at the museum every January. She has also been intensely involved with professional development for early childhood teachers, an annual regional in–service day for art educators and an annual summer Teacher Week that immerses educators in cross–curricular work. She co–founded Old Songs New Opportunities, a collaboration between the museum and local agencies, in which they collect traditional children’s songs from refugee women living in Erie, then teach the women skills to present their songs at childcare centers, schools and community centers. The Erie Art Museum received the 2012 National Medal, the highest federal honor a museum can achieve, that commends exemplary community service. Both Kids as Curators and Old Songs New Opportunities were cited for this recognition.
            Ms. Armor served on the PAEA Board as the Museum Education Representative from 2006–2009, and was part of the 2006 PAEA conference planning committee. She is an adjunct faculty member at the PSU Behrend Campus, where she teaches Introduction to World Music. She also performed, toured and recorded with Armor & Sturtevant, interpreting folk music from East Africa, Appalachia, and the British Isles.

PAEA 2017 Outstanding Special Needs Art Educator – Bette Naughton

      Bette Naughton is a spirited art teacher who is always willing to help others. She consistently demonstrates characteristics of volunteerism, integrity, honesty, fairness, sincerity, respectfulness and responsibility. She believes in educating and addressing the needs of individual students so they can reach their fullest potential and she treasures each student for their unique contribution to the world. She helps special needs students build self–esteem and understand art in relationship to themselves and the world through rich art experiences.
      Ms. Naughton has led many workshops in the tri–state area on teaching art to special populations and most recently led a symposium for Moore College of Art & Design in 2015. Her presentations provide valuable handouts, visual resources and articles on adaptive art that are an important resource for teachers. Her primary research has been in understanding how student conditions, syndromes and diagnoses affect their ability to work so that teaching strategies can be adapted to meet each learner at their level of readiness. She has also written a book, Adaptive Art, that provides invaluable information for teachers with special needs students.
      Before becoming an art educator Ms. Naughton worked for about seven years as a designer of women’s clothing, creating five lines of misses sports wear for Chaus, Inc. and coordinating with international knitwear designers She also worked for The Villager as a fashion designer where she organized seasonal fashion shows and shopped in markets around the world, looking for trends, styles, and color directions.
            Ms. Naughton began her teaching career constructing weekly lesson plans with thematic units for students in a caring Montessori environment. She has also taught a variety of art and design classes at the Chester County Art Association since 2000. Currently, in addition to her position as an art educator, she develops and presents professional development workshops to the staff of  WCASD, serves as a technology liaison, teaching the staff how to integrate technology into their curriculum, and works on cross–curricular curriculum projects with district supervisors.

PAEA 2017 Outstanding Supervision & Administration Art Educator – Christina Unitas

      Christina Unitas has a vibrant vision of schools abundant in the arts. She began her career as an elementary art educator, but soon realized that too many classroom educators become entrapped in a world of rigid testing and data collection, completely void of an environment where innate creativity is valued and encouraged. She felt the need to change this by becoming a principal where she has slowly introduced new approaches to educational philosophies through professional development. She methodically planned workshops, and created opportunities for her staff to visit local arts organizations. She organized hands–on activities with teaching artists that shared ways in which the arts could be interwoven with everyday teaching while still accomplishing district standards and goals. Today classrooms in her building are referred to as studios sending a unified message that we are all creative and innovative beings.
      Ms. Unitas created opportunities for her Wylandville staff to attend professional conferences that encouraged visible thinking and arts–based teaching practices. In the past two years she has arranged for teams of teachers to attend numerous Project Zero conferences in Boston, Washington DC and Pittsburgh. She wrote and received a grant for $20,000 from the Center for Creativity that assisted in the completion of a greenhouse they call our Living Classroom. She has also received grants and formed partnerships with Target Field Trips, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Gateway to the Arts, and Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.
            Ms. Unitas has long been an active participant in the work of the Arts Education Collaborative. She models life–long learning through her participation as an AEC Committee Member, Leadership Academy participant, Community of Learners for Arts Education participant, and presents powerful testimony to the value of an education rich in arts and creativity at regional events. Her well rounded and inclusive approach to education is breaking barriers that have prevented generations of children from reaching their full potential as human beings.

PAEA 2017 Outstanding Friend to Art Education – The Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse

      Creative Reuse is a treasure that sits quietly on a side street in Pittsburgh’s East End and occupies a small part of a larger ecocomplex, that includes Construction Junction and Freecycle. This upcycle center for arts and crafts literally takes what you would never think of as artistic materials and offers it for almost nothing to a community of people who desire unique and inspiring ways to create. When you realize the programs and institutions in and around Pittsburgh the creative reuse center has been a part of, it no longer seems so quiet.
      Some of the programs developed by the center include their flagship program, Reuse–A–Palooza, an exploratory art activity where participants of all ages are invited to create with a large array of playful, reclaimed materials. The Educator Empowerment Program, a pilot program made possible by the Grable Foundation (Summer/Fall 2017), will have Creative Reuse partner with 10–15 educators from a diversity of settings to participate in a set of hands–on professional development sessions that focus on environmental issues, resource conservation, and creative education. The CUSP (Climate & Urban Systems Partnership) ReMaker kits address climate change topics and were designed in tandem with educators from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and other organizations in Pittsburgh’s CUSP network. The project’s focus is on the local effects of climate change in Pittsburgh, using this premise, “The city is faced with a warmer, wetter future . . . what are the ways we can minimize the effects and make a greener, healthier city.” Creative Reuse collects and transforms unwanted materials into fuel for art, education, and innovation.
            Listing numbers is usually boring but this snapshot of the past year at Creative Reuse is eye–opening. The center facilitated over 115 creative education programs throughout Western Pennsylvania reaching over 12,500 participants who used over 2,400 pounds of reclaimed materials to create new projects. Over 20,000 people visited the Creative Reuse non-profit retail store in 2016. They took in over 43 tons through their material donations program, engaged with over 150 volunteers through their retail store and creative education programs, and awarded 39 sponsorships to artists, educators, and community members making a difference through reclaimed materials.

Clyde M. McGeary Scholarship Recognition

Logan Hanning – Kutztown University

      Logan Hanning is currently a double major in Art Education and Fine Arts with a minor in Art History and primary area of concentration in printmaking. Her professional experience includes working as a Gallery Assistant in the Marlin and Regina Miller Gallery and as a Community Planning and Graphics Intern with Eckhaus Gallery. She spent the summer archiving art historical documents in Rome, through the Bierman Scholarship and with the Huntsville Museum of Art.
            Ms Hanning has been involved with her local chapter of NAEA since her freshman year and, recently served as Historian for the KU Chapter. She is the President and Founder of KU Swing Dance Club, an organization that supports local musicians, revives the lost art of jazz dancing, and hosts community events, such as Earth Day Swing Dance that will donate all proceeds to Conservation Fund, a charity that supports environmental conservation. She has performed lead roles with ACT (Actors Creating Theatre) Ms Hanning has spent two summers with Camp Med–O–Lark, an international performing arts camp located in Maine, directing several theatre productions and managing the Stone Carving program in the Fine Art Center.

Kristen Fessler – Kutztown State University

      Many people find a mentor in a teacher, someone to inspire and guide them to be their very best. Kristen Fessler strives to become that teacher and mentor. She is an undergraduate student studying Art Education at Kutztown University. Kristen is a passionate and dedicated member of NAEA at the national and local level. She holds the E–board positions of Treasurer and President-Elect for the Kutztown University NAEA Student Chapter. Kristen involves herself in community outreach through NAEA and the University and is an advocate for empowering students to make change within their communities. Kristen is also an active artist who is working in themes of conservation and preservation of our oceans and waterways through three-dimensional textile works as well as through printmaking. She has had the privilege to co–present on themes of professional identity at the NAEA National Convention in New York with Dr. Amy Pfeiler–Wunder; and is now working on her own proposals to submit to upcoming PAEA and NAEA conferences.

Nicole Delevan – Keystone College

      Nicole Delevan is a fifth–year student at Keystone College where she is studying Art Education, Early Childhood Education, and Special Education. She is in the Keystone College Honors Program, works in Admissions, runs on the track and cross country teams, and has been in numerous clubs and organizations. She holds several track records, was selected for the CSAC All–Academic Team, and won the CSAC All–Sportsmanship Award. Ms Delevan has participated and held offices in a number of clubs and organizations, including the NAEA Keystone Chapter where she served as president for three years. Additionally, she has volunteered nearly 300 hours working in a museum, after school programs, preschool programs, and many additional events for the many organizations she has served in.
      Ms Delevan has also exhibited her personal art on fifteen occasions at Keystone, including Keystone College’s Biannual Student Exhibitions and Keystone College’s Senior Art Exhibit Coalescence. Her art was selected to be in four editions of Keystone College’s The Plume Literary Magazine. She has also earned fifteen awards for academic excellence and extracurricular involvement.
            Ms Delevan hopes to become deeply involved with school district extracurricular activities and the community as she begins her student teaching experiences and when she obtains a full–time position in the future. She aspires to give back to the community and to be a role model and support for her future students.

PAEA Board Award – Kristine Fontes

Emeritus Division Director 2014–Present  •  Webmaster 2010 – Present  •  Newsletter Coordinator 2010 – 2016  •  Past President 2012 – 2014  •  President 2010 – 2012  •  President Elect 2008 – 2010  •  Regional Representative 2000 – 2008
Union City Area School District (1998 – 2014)  •  2005 Outstanding Middle Level Art Educator  •  2010 PA Art Educator of the Year

      Kris Fontes joined the PAEA board as the Region 2 Representative in 2000, where her BFA in Advertising Art, MA in Instructional Technology and Media, and 21st Century digital design skills and knowledge proved to be invaluable. Since then she has taken on many roles across the state. As PAEA President–Elect, she began introducing gradual shifts towards stronger digital communication through online meetings. PAEA Leadership Council (LC) began holding monthly online meetings and she introduced the full board to Ning online meetings that allow members to discuss business during the winter months. It also gives board members an opportunity to voice their ideas, make suggestions, or share opinions in a thoughtful, written environment. Ms. Fontes was also responsible for shifting our hard copy newsletter into a quarterly digital publication, exploring multiple formats until eventually settling on a shorter and more frequent documents using Constant Contact and Mail Chimp. These moves into 21st Century technology have saved PAEA a lot of travel, publishing and postal money and allowed us to increase our regional presence and student art opportunities.
      One of Ms Fontes’ proudest accomplishments is the redesign of the PAEA website that received national recognition at NAEA this past year. She got involved with the website after a catastrophic failure of our original website server. A temporary website without much flexibility was recreated for a few years and at the 2013 summer board retreat, a new website was unveiled. It was still under construction, when Ms. Fontes became ill and had to put the website on hold for a year. She continues to share admin responsibilities for the PAEA website, along with the LC and several vibrant young PAEA bloggers. Ms Fontes also serves as the Emeritus Division Director, where she has developed a project called the Portfolio Initiative as a way for retirees to recognize new professionals.
      Ms Fontes has accomplished much throughout her career, but one thing she is especially proud of is her 2006 National Board Certification. She continues to teach a Lego Stop Motion Animation Camp during the summers in Bucks County. She has published numerous articles and lesson plans in School Arts Magazine and is a frequent presenter at PAEA and NAEA conferences.

2017 Fellows Inductees

Mary Louise Ford Dallam

PATTAN Educational Consultant (1996–2003)
PAEA Special Populations Rep (2003)
PAEA Conference Co–Chair (2003)
Governors Institute–Arts Educators Steering Committee (1997–2003)
Arts in Special Education Project of PA Asst. Director/Proj. Coord. (1987–1996)
PA Very Special Arts Exec. Dir. (1986–1987)
Central Bucks SD Art Coordinator/Teacher (1968–1981)

Lynne Horoschak

Moore College of Art and Design (2003–2009)
Philadelphia Public School District (1966–2002)
PAEA Arts in Sp. Needs Education (2009–2013)

NAEA Special Needs in Art Education:
*President Elect (2011–2012)
*President (2013 – 2014)