Clyde McGeary Scholarship


The Fellows of the Pennsylvania Art Education Association are a group of members who have contributed enduring distinguished service to Pennsylvania art education. Although no longer active on the Board of the organization, Fellows continue to seek ways to serve the profession.

The Pennsylvania Art Education Association Fellows Clyde M. McGeary Scholarships Program presents annual scholarships to art education students in Pennsylvania colleges and universities. Cash value of the scholarships is determined by the income produced by the endowment and the number of scholarships that are awarded in any given year. Historically, at least two scholarships have been presented at each PAEA Annual Conference.  A grant is also available to scholarship recipients for the purpose of attending the Annual PAEA Conference. Grant money, not to exceed $150 for any grantee, may be used to offset registration and other travel expenses.

Members of PAEA Higher Education Division may nominate at least one (but no more than two) deserving art education students in their program for these scholarships. Qualifying students may also self-nominate by completing the nomination form and submitting it to a PAEA Higher Education Division member for endorsement and completion of the nomination process.

Nominations must include all requested information.

It is expected that nominators and nominees are PAEA members.

Due date is April 30, 2018.  Those who prefer to receive and submit this information electronically may communicate through e-mail.

Clyde McGeary Scholarship application 2018