About Us

Who Are We?

Learning by Design is a group of Pennsylvania Art Educators who are committed to providing art teachers with the resources, skills, and tools needed to infuse design into an art curriculum. Come learn with us about Design Education.

Project Innovate: We have aligned ourselves with “Project Innovate,” an exciting state-level program that challenges students across PA to create wearable art from repurposed, upcycled materials. PAEA supports this statewide challenge for our K-12 students and has seen tremendous excitement and creativity  from our participating teachers and students these past two years.  Visit this year’s highlights: http://project-innovate.net/

Design Curriculum: The Learning by Design group is launching our first effort to create Design-related curricula for Art educators, and we are looking for collaborators!  We are eager to hear from you about what you are doing with Design.  Currently, our focus is on ‘Wearable Design.’ We are inviting teachers from across the state to share their lesson ideas with us. This is your opportunity to shine! See our registration page https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGVSQ185RjUxSExqMTREN2Y5Y0szNVE6MQ

PAEA: The Learning by Design Team is comprised of PAEA board members who are able to commit to an intense meeting schedule and and work on delegated tasks.  We also extremely motivated to meet our members’ needs, explore current trends in Art Education, meet state standards, address new teacher-evaluation guidelines, and prepare for new national art standards. Our goal is to forge a strong future for Art Education into the 21st century!

Collaborative Teamwork: The Learning by Design team meets online every three weeks. We follow an Action Plan that is four pronged:

(A) work with Project Innovate,

(B) invite members to make and share lessons that are based on wearable re-purposed art,

(C) share outstanding lessons as a collaborative grouping (unit of study, collection, curriculum) with PAEA membership,

(D) create supervision/evaluation tools to help evaluate teacher effectiveness.

Resources and idea-sharing:  This project goes beyond creating a series of lessons based in ‘fashion’. We invite you to explore wearable art in all forms with the students in your classroom.

Ready to Explore?

  • Check out our pintrest page for inspiration: Pennsylvania ArtEducation (look for our Learning by Design Logo). http://pinterest.com/1sharedesign/boards/
  • Contact us at: learningbydesignpaea@gmail.com.
  • Visit the “Learning by Design” tab on paeablog.org  website.
  • Find us on facebook, PAEA

We are constantly adding resources and information to all of these sites.

Find something interesting to share?  Let us know!

As you envision your  21st curriculum, and seek out new tools and materials to apply to your classroom, bookmark PAEA and the Learning By Design team as a resource! We invite you to share your lesson ideas with us!

Get Involved: Please partner with us!  You just might inspire and motivate to someone in another school, district or across the state!

If you are excited about the possibilities of these future challenges, please email us!

–Thank you, again, for your participation and interest.

The Learning By Design Team