Art Room of Danielle Scicluna


Danielle Scicluna – Secondary Art Teacher
Holicong, Unami, and Tamanend Middle Schools, CB East High School
Central Bucks School District, Doylestown, PA

My role as an educator is to build an environment that thrives off of art-based investigation, community, and leadership where students discover that their voices can be heard through creative expression.  As a traveling teacher to many schools, making a lasting impact is challenging and rewarding in itself. With a little bit of time and a lot of wall space, a traveling teacher can be felt without physical presence. In addition to learning traditional art history and technique, I like to investigate relevant and important themes to teach students to observe the world around them in a more conscientious way.  Students should not be afraid to fail, take risks, and problem solve in my art room. I encourage my students to assume the teacher role, to make discoveries, and to create a community that embodies leadership. The moments that matter to me most are when students share how they use their discoveries in my classroom outside of the classroom! My purpose of teaching is to inspire and build a person of character. I want my students to know that their voices are important and can be expressed in so many ways.  I plan to continue challenging my students each day to build each one of them into a confident, creative, and contributing member of society. Please enjoy the work of my students!

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