Hexagon Project 2017

 Middle-TBaldaGr2Would you like your students to creatively and visually respond to overarching themes that are relevant to their lives?  Would you like your students to develop empathy for others and feel connected?  
The International Interdependence Hexagon Project 2017; a visual arts and social justice art opportunity for school students ages 3 to 18, and communities, ages birth to 90+  worldwide.
This international project asks young people and communities to create art within the infinitely inter-locking shape of a hexagon – a metaphor for our interconnectedness. 
The art is exhibited each year in home schools and communities and then shipped to Scranton, Pennsylvania for the International Exhibition. Many students and communities from Northeastern Pennsylvania are involved along with a fascinating blend of community and school expressions from across the United States, Canada, Haiti, Africa, Nepal, Egypt, Greece and Japan (2015). To date about 7000 hexagons have been created and exhibited. Our goal in 2016 is to reach 10,000 hexagons!

For more information go to the Interdependence Hexagon Project.