PAEA 2017 Conference Insights: Punk is dEaD-ucational!

Are you a teacher who thinks punk is dead?  GASP!  Well, did you know it’s actually dEaD-ucational!

It’s time to connect with Aaron to talk punk and DIY ethic.

Aaron Weber is an art teacher in Philadelphia who has been connected to punk culture since high school, and has been influenced personally and professionally ever since.

Aaron typing up his presentation notes…

Come on Friday, October 20 from 1:00-1:50 PM to learn about Aaron’s experiences, and how punk transformed him as a person and led him to develop a classroom environment that reflects the ethics and ideals of punk and DIY culture.  Aaron is an incredibly engaging presenter, so get ready to share a laugh and take home some valuable ideas for developing your own lessons!

Check out the Conference Schedule HERE!


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